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Less Than Perfect Parents Blog Design


Less Than Perfect Parents is a parenting blog that delivers easy parenting tips and advice to busy moms while also advertising for well-known brands. The goal was to create a popular, money-making blog and several strategies were used to accomplish that goal:

  • The “As Seen On” bar at the top of the page – This is at the top of the page so both the reader and brands see this blog owner is well known and produces quality content.
  • Large pictures on each post invites the reader to click to read more – this not only enhances the readers experience but also increases page clicks which make the blog more valuable to brands.
  • The “About Me” on the sidebar lets the reader connect with the author – This creates a bond between the reader and author but also allows the brands to easily find out the blog owner’s contact information.
  • The social media buttons are colorful and noticeable – This invites the reader to connect further but also allows the brand to easily see the blog owner’s digital properties and influence.